How to open a magic 8 ball? (Step-by-Step Guide Inside!)

Many people have wondered what exactly is inside the magic 8 ball, but only a few have opened it. But is it possible to open the Magic 8 Ball? Yes, you can open the Magic 8 Ball, but you have to be extra careful not to break it in the process. Yes, we will tell you exactly how to unlock it, with the possibilities described below.

Reassembly Process:

Use a plexiglass cutter, a regular razor, or a fine-toothed saw to open it up, so it can be reattached later. A step-by-step guide is attached below.

Lower Possibility of Reassembly:

Use a screwdriver and hammer for easy access, but without the possibility of reassembly.

Cannot Reassemble:

Use a rock for the most explosive open, it will look great in the video. Be aware of blue dye, so do it outside with a tarp on concrete/brick.

As shown above, the techniques are quite different, and depend on what you envision from opening the magic 8 ball. A large rock might be the best option if you want fun and some good memories, but if you want to reassemble the Magic 8 Ball to its original state (or replace it with a custom die) , so the plexiglass cutter would be the option.

How to Open a Magic 8 Ball and Reassemble It Again?

Step 1 – Cut to Open the Magic 8 Ball

Opening the magic 8 ball with a plexiglass cutter
Opening the magic 8 ball with a plexiglass cutter

You can easily remove the glue by using a plexiglass cutter, a regular razor or a fine-toothed saw and cut it in half at the seam. You are cutting about 1/8 inch of plastic – this will definitely take time, so patience will help. Once cut, pry it apart with a standard screwdriver or a sharp knife (Not Recommended).

Expert Tip – Make a mark in both halves with a piece of tape or a pen line, so you have an indicator mark to line up the ball again with the back up.

Step 2 – Set Aside The Internal Parts

The different components of the Magic 8 ball taken apart
the different components of the Magic 8 ball taken apart (Inside magic 8 ball)

One might expect the blue liquid to start leaking out, since the first cut, but the shell doesn’t actually hold a full tank of liquid. The shell consists of a clear plastic blue dye container with a support disc.

You can cut it with a sharp knife. The top of the container has a sealed cork held in place by three screws – it can easily be unscrewed, or twisted on its edges until the lid pops off.

Slowly remove the “bubble trap” and pour out the blue liquid. Wherever this is done, it will stain the sink, tub, etc., so make sure not to stain anything that isn’t disposable.

The emptying liquid reveals the Magic 8 Ball’s most infamous component: a 20-sided die that answers the questions asked. Wash off the blue with the dye, so as not to stain the table or anywhere else.

Expert tip – If you want to reassemble your ball at the end, don’t put it in a glass of water, but in an empty container. Save the screws and corks for later as well.

Step 3 – Reassembling The Magic 8 Ball Back Together

When you’re done opening the ball from top to center, there should now be 5 items that need to be reattached to get a fully functional Magic 8 ball again. You must reassemble them in the same order they were disassembled.

Here are the items:

  • The 2 halves of the shell
  • A support disc
  • A clear plastic blue-dye container
  • The blue liquid
  • The 20-sided die

All the pieces can be glued back together using glue. Look for a superglue that dries in seconds and claims to work on plastic – not just other materials like wood or leather. Pour the liquid back into the container and screw the cork with its original three screws. Remember to keep the dye inside the container as well.

Expert Tip – It is very important that there is no air in the container, as this can prevent the dye from floating to the top (and therefore not responding to stirring). It can also cause multiple bubbles above the answer, making the answer almost impossible to read. This is the most important, but also the most difficult, step in reassembling the Magic 8 Ball.

Glue the support disc to the blue plastic container. You don’t need to be aware of excess glue here, as it won’t be visible when the ball is finished.

With the die and liquid inside the sealed container and the support disc re-glued, the final step is to assemble the two shell halves. Here you have to be precise and not have too much glue on the rim, because it will show outside the ball.

Wait an hour to make sure all the glue has dried and shake it to see if it’s still working. If done correctly, the Magic 8 Ball should return to its original state and be ready for use.

Replace the die with new answers in the Magic 8 Ball

If the reason for opening the Magic 8 Ball is to change the answers die inside, there are several different options Available.

The first one is difficult. Make your own die from a suitable material. With the possibility of casting or 3D printing, an inexpensive solution would be possible. Online stores also offer these upon request and a quick Google search can nudge you in the right direction of personalized dye. Make sure it is a waterproof material.

Another is to cut out the letters on the original die with sandpaper. On a brand new 20-sided die with all white areas, use an ultra-fine Sharpie marker to carve (by hand) 20 custom responses onto the die. With color of course – or it won’t show up.

A third option could be to expand your Magic 8 Ball with a chain of digital pictures with more than 20 answers – a digital picture Magic 8 Ball.

No Need to say, the step-by-step guide described earlier will include the same steps, only with a step to replace the die with new answers.

Expert Tip: If a self-forming die is used, it should be made of waterproof material and with air inside the die. If not, the die will not float up, and therefore the responses will not be displayed when stirred.

Customized die of the Magic 8 ball
Customized die of the Magic 8 ball

Is it safe to open a Magic 8 Ball?

A security question can vary with the meaning behind the question. There are two major concerns here – physical injuries and toxic blue dye.

Physical injuries

Attempting to open the Magic 8 Ball with a hammer, saw or other tools involves a risk, as it always does, when working with tools. The challenge here is the shape of the object being hammered – a round plastic ball can be difficult to handle. So, to minimize the risk, try to tie the ball tightly. Thus, the risk of slipping of the tools used is reduced.

Avoid drills, circular saws and similar large power tools. In this case less is more – as explained in the previous sections there is also a safe way to open it.

The blue dye – A chemical mix 

Blue dye is potentially toxic to some extent. Be aware of the blue color when you open the container and pour it out. It can stain and won’t come off easily from your fingers. Preferably use gloves as it may cause allergic reactions in some people.

If it gets on your textiles, it definitely won’t come off unless bleached. The blue liquid is also known to taste foul, as its chemical composition deteriorates from being in an airtight container. The base also contains isopropyl alcohol, which is flammable and can cause allergic reactions like itching and burning.

Final Words

It is possible to open the Magic 8 Ball, but there are a number of issues to consider before starting. Arrange the right tools and be sure to have a plan before you begin.

If you prefer to put your ball back together, be careful when dismantling it and be sure to save all parts. In the reassembly process, use the correct glue and try to be as precise and clean as possible. Also – be safe in the way you open it.

Our suggestion? There is No need for high-powered tools, when a small plexiglass cutter or razer will do.

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Figure 1 – Opening with a plexiglass cutter


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