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To put it simply, a magic 8 ball online is a fortune telling tool that has made its way into popular culture as a game or novelty item. It’s designed to bring to mind a real billiard ball, being black, shiny and round, and featuring the number 8 – but also a circular section where you can see your answer. If you are familiar with the game of pool, this is easily recognizable as a larger version.

showing Magic 8 ball in one hand with the answer you can count it on
Magic 8 ball in one Hand

It will give you answers and predictions to any question you can throw at it, but these answers may or may not be correct. In fact, some of the benefits it offers are intentionally vague and allow the user to make up their own mind about what may and may not work.

Modern online Magic 8 balls are made of plastic and filled with dark colored liquids. It’s visible with a round hole on its side (opposite where you’d expect to find the number 8) and floating in the middle is a small die-like process.

Different answers are printed on the sides of this die, but this is no ordinary die – some can give up to twenty different feedbacks. Shaking the entire device is rotating the die, and when the die is fixed, it will float into position in the window, revealing the answer.

Online Magic 8 ball vs Magic eight ball

So what’s the difference between having an online Magic 8 Ball VS a classic, real Magic Eight Ball toy? The short answer is no. Online Magic 8 Ball has the same results as Magic Eight Ball. It is incredibly random and based on the RNG algorithm.

Of course; If you want to know if these results are really random, think carefully and ask the question only once. There is a common understanding that if you put the same question multiple times, the result will change and you will not get the same result.

showing Magic 8 ball in two hand with the answer Don't Count on it
Magic 8 ball in 2 Hands

There are holes on the die for the blue dye and alcohol to enter. This makes the dye very slightly buoyant, which is why it floats so slowly on the viewing window. The dark color is no longer thick and mysterious, it’s just that the dye doesn’t float well.

How to use a magic 8 ball?

To use a magic 8 ball, simply formulate a yes or no question in your mind. Then, gently shake or turn the ball upside down and back to an upright position. This causes the icosahedral die inside the ball to float and settle on one of the 20 written answers. Finally, read the answer that appears in the circular window on the ball.

The 20 possible answers range from affirmative (“It is certain,” “Without a doubt”) to non-committal (“Reply hazy, try again,” “Ask again later”) to negative (“Don’t count on it,” “My sources say no”). Part of the fun is the random, sometimes cryptic or paradoxical nature of the answers.

Shake well before each use to ensure the die can move freely. Be patient as the liquid and die need time to settle on the final answer. Resist the urge to shake repeatedly for the same question.

How to get rid of bubbles in magic 8 ball?

Bubbles inside magic 8 ball
Bubbles inside magic 8 ball

Has your magic 8 ball got lots of bubbles inside? Bubbles can make it hard to see the answers. Many people have this problem with their 8 balls but don’t know how to fix it. 

No Need to Worry, we got some easy steps to get rid out of these annoying bubbles. Follow the below Steps and your magic 8 ball will be good as new in no time!


1) First, you gotta cut your magic 8 ball right in half. Use a saw or a Dremel tool to cut it open. Before cutting, put pieces of tape on the sides and mark one half “X” and the other “O” so you know how to put it back together later.

2) Inside, you’ll see a little cartridge thingy that holds the liquid. This is what you need to work on.

3) Drill a hole in the top of that cartridge. A big’ol hole right in the middle.

4) Next, run some water from the sink into that hole you made. As the water fills it up, keep tapping the cartridge to get all those pesky air bubbles out. Get rid of every single bubble you can.

5) Once no more bubbles are left, take a screw that’s a little bit bigger than that hole. Push and jam that screw down into the hole to seal it up tight.

6) To make extra sure it’s sealed, put some epoxy stuff over that screw to glue it in place.

7) Now put epoxy along the seams where the two halves of the 8 ball meet.

8) Carefully put the two halves back together, using tape and rubber bands to hold it while the epoxy dries.

9) After about a day, that epoxy will be rock solid. Take off the tape and bands – your bubble-free 8 ball is ready!

That’s how things Works! With those bubbles gone, your magic 8 ball will be working like a charm again.

Give it a shake and watch those crystal clear answers appear. No more bubbles keeping you wondering!

A Magic 8 ball fortune teller

The toy’s predecessor was originally conceived by a man named Alfred Carter, whose mother was a clairvoyant and fortune teller. She claimed that she could communicate with ghosts. It would later be used as a marketing gimmick and was decorated with zodiac signs and performed by “gypsy fortune tellers” in stores. With a new look, lower price and smaller size.

showing the Front side of the Magic 8 ball in one hand

I used this online tool when I broke up with my boyfriend. A time where I needed clarity.


People always find stories about mythical things interesting – perhaps because, as humans, we are drawn to the mythical and the unknown. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that the world has been taken by storm by the stories surrounding the classic Ouija board and the Magic 8 Ball Fortune Teller.


What is a magic 8 ball?

A magic 8 ball is a hollow sphere, made of plastic and printed to look like the 8 ball of a billiard game. It’s filled with the dark blue or black liquid, usually alcohol, and contains a 20-sided die. Instead of numbers on the die, Yes, No, and Maybe answers are printed on the sides.

How to make a magic 8 ball?

While the Magic 8 ball looks like it’s completely filled with a dark liquid, it’s actually built around a very small cylinder that contains the liquid and the reaction die. The reservoir is tucked into the sphere. This gives the die a very small area to move around and ensures that it sits under the ball after being shaken.

How does a magic 8 ball work?

A magic 8 ball works like this: the user holds the ball and thinks of a yes or no question. They then shake the ball, which agitates the printed dye floating in the dark blue liquid inside the ball. When the shaking stops, the die reaches the bottom of the ball, indicating a yes, no, or ambiguous answer.

Are magic 8 balls are Accurate?

No, magic 8 balls are not accurate at all. Their responses are completely random and have no ability to actually predict the future or provide accurate answers.

Does the Magic 8 Ball Really Predict the Future?

Yes it does. 95% of the time it’s exposed, the ball will mysteriously guess the time it’s coming. Only 1 in 20 times, it will tell you it can’t predict yet.
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Is Magic 8 ball liquid Toxic or Safe?

In any case, whether oil, water, alcohol, or dye, our findings show that the liquid is more dangerous than we realize, definitely toxic to drink, and only safe when sealed in a plastic container.
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Is A Magic 8 Ball Really Magic? Or Just A Toy?

Yes, the Magic 8 Ball is magic. And no, its not just a toy. The magic lies within the user of the Magic 8 Ball – his actions, intentions and willingness to believe what he sees.
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